Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Use Digital Printing to Quickly and Effectively Update Your Promotions

Sales, special events and seasonal promotions require Minneapolis companies to find printing solutions that are fast and cost-effective. The digital printing options at Matreks help companies quickly and effectively update their promotional materials to reflect the newest sale, latest special event and current season. Matreks can even help companies with multi-language promotional materials.

Digital Printing Is Your Company’s Choice for Quick Changes

What makes digital printing so effective for fast changes to promotional materials is the printing process itself. Unlike offset printing, which requires printers to create one master plate from which all copies are made, digital printing uses a computer file to make copies. This means a digital printing project can be changed mid-run to reflect updates made in the computer file and companies can create one, ready-to-print electronic template for promotional materials that can be updated and sent to the printer with the click of a mouse.

How Variable Data Makes Quick Changes Easy

Another feature of digital printing makes it easy for companies to change their promotions quickly and cost-effectively. Variable data printing enables companies to print customized messages on their promotional materials to target recipients with the appropriate message. For example, variable data printing makes it possible to customize an offer so long-time customers receive a higher percentage off or first-time customers save an additional $50.

Variable data printing also makes it possible to change the language of a promotion to target recipients who speak a language other than English. This means Minneapolis companies can include English, Spanish and Hmong versions of a promotion in a single run. This saves companies time and money.

When your company needs a quick turnaround on promotional materials, consider digital printing with Matreks. Matreks can deliver a high-quality product quickly and cost-effectively. To learn more about digital printing and how working with Matreks can help your marketing bottom line, contact Matreks Printing today at 952-746-4010.


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