Friday, February 15, 2013

Don’t Write It Off: Print Is Still Alive and Well

As the boom in social media, e-mail drip campaigns and other online marketing continues to evolve and grow, the question of whether or not print marketing is obsolete never seems to be put to bed. Before companies write off print to adopt a completely digital marketing strategy, they should stop and consider how print and digital marketing projects can actually work together within a larger marketing strategy.

Benefits of Print Marketing

These days, potential clients are inundated with e-mails and online ads advertising companies’ latest deals. Some believe that recipients are over-saturated with these promotions, which means the message is often lost when an e-mail goes unopened or is deleted.

This is where print marketing can enhance a company’s online marketing efforts. Print marketing, including mailers, brochures and sales sheets, can reinforce the messages in e-mail or other online marketing campaigns. For example, a print marketing campaign can include a QR code that directs recipients to a company’s website. Others point to the benefits of giving recipients something they can hold in their hands, which makes not only a visual impression but a tactile one.

Integrating print marketing with online marketing also helps strengthen a company’s brand recognition. Recipients may receive an e-mail or view an ad with a company’s flashy new logo, tagline and font styles, then find a mailing in their mailbox with the same logo, tagline and styles. This helps reinforce a company’s brand and increase brand recognition for recipients.

Print marketing can also lend credibility to online marketing campaigns. When potential clients receive direct mail or another physical piece of advertising, it helps show these clients that a company is legitimate and reputable.

Lastly, companies can target their audiences much more specifically with print marketing than with online marketing. A digitally printed direct mail campaign can target specific demographics and even be translated into different languages. Some companies may choose to mass market online and target market with printed materials.

How Matreks Can Help

Matreks Printing is the go-to source for Twin Cities companies that wish to integrate their online and print marketing campaigns. Matreks can help these companies match the style and logos of a print campaign to those used in an online campaign. It can also help companies choose from a wide variety of paper products and printing styles so their direct mail campaigns are effective.

If your company is ready to integrate your online and print marketing campaigns, contact Matreks Printing today at 952-746-4010.


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  2. As much as I would like to think that digital marketing is now the new trend to either start a business or let it grow, I still think that print marketing is not completely obsolete yet. Like myself, there are still those who still prefer tangible promotional products.

    Kristofer Mcginty

  3. Unless, every single magazine and billboard is in LCD form, I don't think that print ads will go obsolete anytime soon. Though, online marketing is the cheapest and fastest way to advertise your product, some businesses still choose online marketing as their way to merchandise goods because of it's timeless effect.

    Lesli Dyson

  4. Print marketing is surely alive and there still are certain niche sectors where print marketing has its advantages. But print marketing itself has undergone a revolution with the different kinds of print advertising campaigns that you can run today. Advertising banners, poster printing, t-shirts, mugs, cars; you can basically print on to anything. If balanced well, one could increase the reach and efficacy of one's marketing campaign without too much expense.