Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Choose Digital Printing for all your Marketing Projects

Digital printing is a great solution for short-run marketing projects like newsletters, brochures and even longer marketing tools like white papers. Digital printing allows each short-run project to be fully customizable, maximizing marketing dollars.

Before digital printing came onto the scene, businesses were limited to offset printing to fulfill their marketing needs. Offset printing required one master plate to be made for an entire run of a marketing campaign, limiting the ability of companies to tailor their marketing materials to recipients and increasing the amount of time it took to run a project. Since making this plate took time and money, to be cost-effective, companies often ordered more materials than needed.

Short-Run Projects with Big Results

Now, companies can order short-run projects of 1,000 copies or fewer with a digital printer with a fast turnaround and the ability to edit or change data while the project is being run. Since every print is an original, not a copy of a previously-made plate, companies can order exactly what they need, rather than ordering too many or too few copies.

Additionally, since every copy of a digitally printed project is a first-generation print, companies are able to incorporate variable data into their projects, creating a project that is fully personalized for recipients. A short run of newsletters that is digitally printed allows companies to add a recipient’s name and information specifically tailored to their demographics.

For example, a skin care company may be able to use demographic information like age, gender and ethnicity to personalize its newsletter content for each recipient. This fosters a better relationship with clients that may increase customer conversion.

Matreks Printing Can Fulfill All Your Short-Run Printing Needs

Twin Cities companies can count on Matreks Printing to deliver quality, fully-customizable short-run marketing projects. All companies need to do to get their project underway is email Matreks with the final, proofed copy of their marketing materials and a spreadsheet that contains the variable data for recipients. The digital printing process requires little set-up time and Matreks can get a company’s project started almost immediately.

To learn more about how digital printing can make your short-run printing project more affordable, call Matreks Printing today at 952-746-4010.


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