Sunday, December 16, 2012

Upgrade Your Black-and-White Marketing Materials to Color

Does your direct mail campaign look like it is coming through a 1950s television? Maybe your black-and-white brochures and proposals put potential clients to sleep. Digital color printing at Matreks is an economical way to increase the effectiveness of any company’s marketing campaign.

Until about five years ago, black-and-white printing was cheaper than color printing for large marketing campaigns. However, research and development of less costly toner and inks has drastically reduced the cost of color printing.

While the cost of color has gone down, the variety of colors has increased. At Matreks, companies can choose from a rainbow of colors, not just the standard red, yellow, blue, and green. This variety can help companies connect better with potential clients.

The Power of Color Printing

Not only does color printing make marketing materials more attractive, it can make a stronger connection with future customers. Studies have shown that people retain information presented in color better than the same information printed in black and white.

Printing in color can improve the impact of a variety of marketing materials, including direct mail postcards and other mailings, proposals and bids presented to potential client meetings and even training materials for new employees.

Color Digital Printing: An Economical Choice

Pairing color printing with digital printing can help companies make the most of their marketing dollars. Digital printing gives companies the freedom to print as many or as few copies of a marketing campaign as needed, vary the content of a campaign to customize the content to the recipient, and even change the lay-out of marketing materials mid-print.

To learn more about how the power of digital color printing can improve your business, call Matreks Printing today at 952-746-4010.

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